Episode #10- Boat Schooling, Consistency and Exploring the World with Jaana Penttila

Bio :
We are a family of five and we live on our 53 ft sailing boat sailing around the world very slowly.
This year is the 8th year living onboard.
The children are 13, 10 and 8 years old and have been boat schooled all this time.
The journey started in Grenada in the Caribbean and since then we have seen many countries our favourites being Colombia, Cuba, Peru,Samoa and Bolivia.
We are on our way to Thailand and onwards to the Mediterranean eventually. 
From extremely inexperienced homeschoolers we are learning as we go…

This is a super fun interview.  Jaana talks about how they made the decision to live on the boat full time, how they picked their curriculum and how they manage to complete it all and more everyday.  You will enjoy her story, encouragement and enthusiasm!

You can find her on he blog at https://moodyfinn.com and connect with her on instagram @penttilajaana

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