Episode #9- World Schooling and Preparing Your Kids for Life with Lona Rodriguez

Lona Rodriguez is a homeschooling mother to six kids (23, 20, 19, 13, 11 & 8), one a Harvard graduate pursuing her PhD, one a cosmetologist with her Associates degree, one is a musician who also trains in the family business, and three TBD!  She’s been married to her husband Chris for 25 years. She’s a trained Montessori teacher, an Airbnb owner, educator at multiple Worldschool conferences, and helps her husband with their company of 70+ employees, as the Human Resource Director.  She loves going on adventures to keep life fresh and exciting and to teach her children to look at the world, see the differences and embrace them. From July-November 2019 they explored 8 countries. In her free time Lona coaches mothers with parenting and homeschooling strategies. For more information reach out to: adventurouslearning@gmail.com 

Lona tells me all about her world schooling adventures, working with her daughter’s learning disabilities, having her kids take turns making dinner, how their schedule works, how she has fostered a healthy happy family who enjoy each others’ company, and much more.  This is a great episode!!

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