Episode #8 – Being Open and “In Tune” with Your Child’s Needs with Julie Polanco

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Julie gives us lots of good, juicy, practical advice for homeschooling.  She shares her story and how her son refused to read, so she had to adjust her approach completely.  She describes exactly what she did and how her son eventually learned to read.  Also when he was older, he completed his Algebra 1 course in just 4 months.

She gives practical advice on many topics in this interview including strengthening your family relationships, keeping an orderly home and providing a rich learning environment for your kids.  You won’t want to miss it!!

Julie Polanco is a trained master herbalist, author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, and 18 year veteran homeschooling mama of four amazing people. You can learn more about her at her website, Julie Naturally (https://julienaturally.com) or listen to her podcast, Crunchy Christian Podcast (https://crunchychristianpodcast.com). 

Connect with her on FB: @julienaturally 
IG: @successful.unschooler
YT channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAF0xA6gOkD0Mmfo4EauIEg?

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