Episode #7 – Homeschooling to Keep Your Child’s Curiosity Alive

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Audry Winston has 4 kids ages 20, 18, 10 and 7. She homeschooled the first two for most of elementary and middle school, and is currently homeschooling the second two. They are secular eclectic homeschoolers. 

Her eldest is entering his senior year at George Washington University studying international relations and is a Georgetown University ROTC cadet on full scholarship. Her second is studying classical voice at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, aiming at a career in musicology focusing on the relationship between music and society. 

Audry has a BA in political economy of industrial societies from UC  Berkeley and a MA in Soviet and post-Soviet studies from GW. 

In this episode, Audry talks about how her son was increasingly unhappy getting on the school bus each day and how she wanted to preserve his sense of wonder and curiosity.  She shares exactly how they were able to do that, even with the few resources they had at the time.  You will be inspired to seek that same curiosity in your homeschool too!

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