Episode #6- Homeschooling as a Public School Teacher, Plus a Look at the Schools and How to Make Your Homeschool Successful

Cheryl Trzasko has homeschooled her own children from the start with an eclectic mix of unschooling, classical, and other methods. Her oldest two have graduated high school as homeschoolers. Both earned college credit in high school. One was accepted by several colleges but chose to enlist in the Marines instead. The other has been invited to the Honors College program at her college based on her work while a high school student in their dual-enrollment program. Her youngest is seven and just beginning his homeschool journey.

Cheryl was a classroom teacher in a variety of public, private, and DoDDS schools before having her own kids. She’s led a homeschool support group for more than a decade and has done FL homeschool evaluations since 2003.

Cheryl is the author of “Around the World in a Cement Boat” which tells of her childhood adventures sailing the world in a ferro-cement yacht built by her dad and her own experiences as a homeschooled child.

Cheryl Trzasko can be found at FLHomeschoolEvaluations.com
Her book is available through a variety of online sellers.

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